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22. 5. 2017

It is not just about competition. It is not just about football.

DAY 1#coach

Konrad Berchtold is a coach from France. He is here as a member of technical commission. He needs to be on matches so he doesn't spend much time with players. But his plan for this week I'd visiting Old Town of Prague with them.

The fact is that he works with ISF for 10 years and he has already visited a lot of countries because of his work.

Generally the members of technical commission have to be on every match.
They sign all the information about the match. Where it was, all the goals, time. All this information and results they send to organizers. 




DAY 2#guide

Guides are students and volunteers from Czechia. 

Some of guides have choosed the team, some of them have drawn it.

Anyway, all the volunteers I spoke with were satisfied about their teams.

Anet R. is a guide of a girl team from Chile.
As a volunteer she has to be on every match, escort the team to evants and trips and show them the City of Prague.
Also she's the person who should know the information which is important for the team.
It sounds quite hard but she said that It was easy with her awesome team.


DAY 3#player

This year there are 648 football players.

Usually they play one match in the morning and another during the afternoon. Then they spend their free time on a hotel, in shopping center or in parks around.

Today, after the match Brazil vs. Hungary, there was a short time, when they were waiting for a bus. That was a chance for fans. They took their mobile phones and cameras and made photos and selfies with players. What's more?! Some of players gave the audience and local children a few of autographs.


DAY 4 ?


DAY 5 ?


DAY 6 ?


DAY 7 ?






Tournament program

1. Su, 21/5 Arrivals, accreditation Head of Delegations meeting
2. Mo, 22/5 Coaches meeting, referees meeting Competition, Opening Ceremony
3. Tu, 23/5 Competition
4. We, 24/5 Competition
5. Th, 25/5 Cultural day, Nations night
6. Fr, 26/5 Competition
7. Sa, 27/5 Competition
8. Su, 28/5 Classification matches, Finals, Closing Ceremony, Farewell party
9. Mo, 29/5 Departures

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